KWV The Vinecrafter Chenin Blanc

LCBO#: 18689
Price: $9.95
Made in: Western Cape, South Africa
Year: 2016

We always love to find a new KWV product at the LCBO, as it is always inexpensive, but worth so much more. This Chenin Blanc smells sweet with some tropical fruit hints. The grapes are sweet as well in the taste, but not syrupy at all, with some mild sourness. Nice crisp mouthfeel with a decent dry finish. Very easy to drink as always. Another great KWV product that helps the wallet and has no cheap problems.

Rating: 3.7/5

KWV Paarl Cape Ruby

20121217-203903.jpgLCBO#: 28951
Price: $9.40
Made in: South Africa

Loving the KWV products at the LCBO (for price/quality), we decided to make this one our first fortified wine review. Aromas of red grapes, sugar sweetness, alcohol and hints of tobacco. The taste is quite sweet as well with the red juices, notes of caramel and other fruits. This one was quite good with cheeses, pâtés and bitter chocolates. It is nothing too crazy, and quite sweet overall, but worth the money. Recommended for LBV port drinkers who do not want to spend a good $20.

Raiting: 2.7/5

KWV Territory 61 Sauvignon Blanc

20121213-210139.jpgLCBO#: 272310
Price: $14.95
Made in: South Africa
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

First off, we enjoy KWV wines. This one is one of their more expensive (but still inexpensive for a wine). Contains sulphites and milk. At first, the nose is not as fruity as most Sauvignon Blanc we had. The taste is kind of farm-like. After breathing, the fruity scent comes out, but still never as powerful as most of this style. The farm flavours disappears, and the tasty white grapes appear. Well-blended between wet and dry, between sweet fruitiness and some sourness. Slight tarty yeast lingers. Decent, but better Sauvignon Blanc out there for the price. Still prefer their Chenin Blanc.

Rating: 3.2/5