Tanqueray Malacca Gin

LCBO#: 570093
Price: $34.95
Made in: United Kingdom
By: Diageo PLC
ABV: 41.3%

Nice! An old recipe from 1830s by Charles Tanqueray. You can definitely smell the peppercorns over beautiful citrus base. Some nice spices to balance things, which are felt more in taste. Quite nice and different, with the pepper and clove notes. Almost a little soapy, but yes – being a peppercorn fan and spiciness, quite like this one.

Rating: 4/5

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin

LCBO#: 573956
Price: $30.05
Made in: United Kingdom
By: Diageo PLC
ABV: 41.3%

Our first review on these Tanqueray gin-based spirit. This is one is with notes of bittersweet Seville oranges. Sugar is found in this one, as well as artificial colouring. The gin alcohol nose with the juniper is well-blended with these marmalade oranges. The taste is fairly sweet with the bitterness in the background. Maybe, more fruity than sugar sweet. The gin base is still present and nice. This one is quite easy to drink alone, even though they also recommend tonic.

Rating: 4.1/5

Mott’s Clamato Caesar Gin & Cucumber

LCBO#: 649236
Price: $2.95
Made in: USA
By: Mott’s Canada
Can size: 458ml
Limited Edition

Interesting concoction with the tomato base and clam juice (which is actually dried clam broth in this one). The gin is very subtle, so no burn or different taste for this Caesar. Spicy nose with the spices used in here (some red chili peppers). The cucumber shows up in the taste, making it quite refreshing on this hot day. The purée from this vegetable does linger on the tongue. Garlic, anchovies and molasses are added as well blending things. This is quite good if you like cucumber drinks. Would definitely have every summer.

Madison Park Breakfast Gin

SAQ#: 13535864
Price: $48.25
Made in: Quebec, Canada
By: 1769 Distillery

A new gin from Montreal, Quebec with bergamot and infused in the end with a blend of teas to give it its amber colour. If you are an Earl Grey tea drinker like me, you will love the smell with bergamot, lemon notes like lemongrass. The taste has these touches of this tea, but smoother. A little warming, but not too intense. This is quite a different gin that is real interesting… and very worth trying.

Rating: TBA

Boodles Gin

LCBO#: 397539
Price: $29.95
Made in: England, United Kingdom
By: Proximo

A London Dry gin that is made in London, but bottled in the States, at 45.2%. Fresh juniper notes with mild grasses, citruses and spices. Reminds me of Beefeater 24 and Tanqueray No. Ten. Quite smooth in the mouth. Alcohol, light herbal notes and some bitterness in the finish. Nothing complex here, but a nice smooth London Dry gin to do a nice Martini.

Rating: 3.4/5

North of 7 Triple Beam Gin

LCBO#: 413542
Price: $39.95
Made in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
By: North of 7

Hmm… a local distillery that makes a gin. Why not! Our first from this place, written batch #16. With local ingredients and the juniper from Wakefield. Smells herbal and berry-ish like gin should. Oh wow, full flavour of these botanical beauties! So smooth, with a nice warming touch. The herbs just linger forever. This is such flavourful spirit… worth drinking alone.

Rating: 4.2/5

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin

LCBO#: 374231
Price: $34.95
Made in: Canada
By: Les Spiritueux Ungava

This Canadian Premium Gin includes Nordic juniper, Arctic blend, Labrador tea, Crowberries, Cloudberries and Wild Rose Hip. Its colour is different from common gin, as it is a nice flashy light golden-yellow one. Alcohol is felt in both the nose and taste, but this gin is all-around smooth, as in more warning than burning. Floral notes with some spices. Also lots of citrus. All very well-blended. Pretty smooth in a dirty Martini.

Rating: 3.9/5