Label 5 Classic Black

imageSAQ#: 11133394
Price: $24.40
Made in: Scotland
By: First Blending Company

This Scottish blended whiskey was purchased at the Canadian duty-free and has the typical caramel colour. Priced very cheap, I decided to try it thinking it would be crap. Nope. Caramel scent with the whiskey grain nose. Very smooth, very smooth. The grain taste is present but smooth overall. Alcohol is there, but that nice bite is welcomed from such a cheap priced alcohol. This is one blend I really recommend for the price. Not expecting this and reminding me of Teachers.

Rating: N/A – as a little intoxicated by night’s end 😛

Naked Grape Fizz Sparkling RosÄ—

20140323-155742.jpgLCBO#: 234344
Price: $9.45
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Naked Grape Wines

This blended rosé gives out strawberry aromas with a little vinegar at first pour, but disappears and lets the mild yeast show. This results in nice hints of candy (like strawberries and cream ones). Again, a little vinegar sourness was tasted at first, but seems gone now. The fruit is not as strong in the flavours, but nicely balanced with some spicy yeast. Eventually, it gets sweeter with a caramel finish. Made to be a really easy drinking sparkling Rosé and not offend. Kind of a kids (teenager) starter to this style.

Rating: 2.8/5