Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Valdadige

imageLCBO#: 106450
Price: $18.95
Made in: Fossalta Di Portogruaro, Italy
By: S. Margherita S.P.A.
Year: 2014

Found this one at the LCBO, written this was the most popular white wine sold there. We can see why after smelling and tasting a few sips. Very well balanced between the dryness, sweetness and sourness. The aromas are fruity and slightly reserved compared to other Pinot Grigio, so less candy fruity, but real nice perfumes. The taste is where it shines. The regular flavours of fruitiness found in Pinot Grigio, but just very well-blended all-around. Well recommended as a full classy fruity white wine.

Rating: 4.2/5

Creekside Estate Shiraz 2009

20121226-182512.jpgLCBO#: 66654
Price: $15.95
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Creekside Estate Winery
Varietal: Shiraz

After seeing that this wine won first place in the SOSA (Southern Ontario Sommelier Association), we decided to grab a couple of bottles for Christmas. unfortunately, it was the 2009… and the one that won, was the 2010. Not sure if this one turned bad, but both bottle has a sour mouthfeel. Surprisingly, the aromas were actually quite nice, out of the bottle. Dark red grapes, hints of leather, old wood. Mild tannins are present, and the mouth is above-average dry. Can’t wait to find the 2010 winner, and hope this one is not sour.

Raiting: 3.1/5