Grande Cuvée 1531 de Aimery

20131013-163500.jpgLCBO#: 350371
Price: $19.95
Made in: Southwest, France
By: Aimery Siuer D’Arques

We like these Crémant de Limoux Sparkling and this one is no exception. Sweet fruity nose with some apples, grapes, sour citrus and hints of peach. Mild creamy mouthfeel and not too dry. The taste is very well-balanced between the sweetness, the sourness and the light dryness. At first, this bubbly is more on the sweet side, but with time, it goes on the sour side. The yeast is very well-blended in all departments making this one a winner. Highly recommended for easy drinking in the under $20 range. Would buy more.

Rating: 4.2/5