Patron Tequila

20140323-155424.jpgMade in: Mexico
By: Patron Spirits Company

Comparing all 4 samplers of the Patron Tequila (Silver, Reposado, Añejo and Cafe Dark). Starting with the common Silver version. Clear look, aromas of agave, caramel, with hints of citrus and smokiness. Pretty smooth mouthfeel overall with taste of grassy blue agave, alcohol and slightly peppery. Very easy-drinking, mild tequila. Next is the Reposado with a very light clear golden colour. Aromas seem like alcohol is stronger, with the agave and some wood notes. The caramel and smokiness is milder. Feels a little smoother, but overall not as pleasant as the silver one. 6 month in oak barrels and now the Añejo version, at least 12 months with white oak maturing. Light golden with a very slight amber hue. A little sweetness in the taste with grassy notes, caramel and mild vanilla. Smoother mouthfeel than the others, and the taste is better than the Reposado. The agave is well-balanced with the oak. And last is the coffee liqueur blended with their Silver version. Dark brown colour reminding me of soya sauce, and the scent is closer to this than coffee. Chocolate as well. The chocolate is more present in the flavours than the coffee. Syrupy mouthfeel with the tequila coming out in the finish. A nice desert drink. A nice bunch of tequilas, but not sure I would pay the price for a full bottle.