North of 7 Leatherback Rum Special Reserve

LCBO#: Only sold at North of 7 distillery
Price: $54.95
Made in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
By: North of 7 Distillery

This local rum is batch #13 and from barrel 22. We purchased this on our first visit at the distillery. This barrel strength rum is at 57% abv. Looks like a syrupy amber colour. You can smell the molasses, but more of the charred barrel and some nice fruitiness. Apricots, raisins, apples with a warming alcohol and caramel notes. The mouthfeel is quite warming because of the high alcohol content. The flavours have less of the charcoal hints, more like a nice rum but with a killer long bite from the alcohol. Quite intense to have a lot, but a great winter warmer.

Harry’s Hurricane Spiced Rum

LCBO#: 318642
Price: $19.95
Made in: Canada
By: Kittling Ridge Ltd.

Reviewed this on Tuesday, as it was National Rum Day. Purchased this rum bottle a few years back, when available at the LCBO and was quite inexpensive. Also being from my country, did not expect much of it, as this spirit is not our forte. Little did I know I was wrong and this is quite a great rum for the price. Butterscotch aromas with the alcohol warming, spices and vanilla notes. The mouthfeel is surprisingly not that much of a burning. Actually, quite smooth overall. Maybe a little watered-down, but still, nice flavours of caramel, vanilla and spices. Easy to sip as is, but a great bargain if you wish to mix as well.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

20121201-191958.jpgLCBO#: 225698
Price: $29.95
Made in: Jersey City, NJ
By: Proximo Spirits

This American-bottled (from Trinidad & Tobago) dark rum has a great looking bottle and a very nice commercial playing on television right now. It is a great sipping rum that we have enjoyed (as you can see the content missing from our picture). Dark amber in colour, almost cola-looking. At 47% ABV, you can smell the alcohol, but before that, a nice scent of vanilla, molasses, caramel and notes of other spices. In the mouth, it is pretty smooth with a little warmth going down. A touch of plum, mild molasses and light fruits. The spices are very light in the mix and only felt in the finish with the vanilla lingering in the aftertaste. A very nice sipping dark and warming rum which is not over-spiced. Highly recommended.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

20121130-201041.jpgLCBO#: 283929
Price: $30.95
Made in: Rochester, NY
By: Schenley / Diageo

Beautifully packaged in a clear bottle with an old-school label. Really liked the plastic over the cap (wish we could of kept a bit of it – see photo). Also, came with a nice keychain. Pours a dark brown colour with a lot of alcohol in the nose. Notes of cola and vanilla. The alcohol eventually softens, but there is still some burning in the mouthfeel. Sweet aromas like maple syrup and butterscotch come out with time. Roasted grain taste with molasses, brown sugars, cloves and hints of anise and vanilla (from the oak). This double charred blackened oak rum is quite pleasant once left breathing, but if you are looking for something a bit smoother… release “The Kraken” (its competition – also reviewed on here).

Captain Morgan Private Stock

LCBO#: 64659
Price: $34.95
Made in: Baltimore MD, USA

This nice spiced rum from Puerto Rico gives out vanilla aromas over caramel and spices. The alcohol comes out eventually and slightly burns the nose. What is good though, is that it does not burn in the mouth. It mildly warms up the insides (which is quite nice). Light cinnamon in the taste with notes of vanilla and butterscotch. Reminds me off a much better Lambs Black Sheep rum (as in, more of a real rum, less of a candy drink). A very easy-drinking and sipping spiced rum.