Matervitea Negroamaro

20121125-213718.jpgLCBO#: 221820
Price: $8.95
Made in: Puglia, ItalyTags: Marlborough, Monkey Bay, New Zealand, review, Sauvignon Blanc, white wine
By: Torrevento
Varietal: Negro Amaro

Seemed like a weak red wine at first, but after breathing a while, this one became quite good… especially for the price (and being from Italy). Milder nose, but still a bit of bite, with tobacco, leather, burnt wood and the fruit (grapes). Oily mouthfeel with a little tannins, but mostly the wetness taking over. Decent taste with the leather and grapes. A little dryness appears in the finish. Overall, a pretty interesting, inexpensive, wet and dark red wine.

Raiting: 2.8/5