Lecompte Calvados 5 Year Old

20130902-150643.jpgLCBO#: 285916
Price: $52.55
Made in: Calvados, France
By: Calvados Lecompte

This is my first try of Calvados, so looking forward to this. First mishaps is the cork that pops out from the cap. The colour is clean rich amber with a beautiful aroma of baked apples with other fruits to blend things. Mild spices are found in the background, like cinnamon, mixed-in with the alcohol. Warming mouthfeel with the fruits taking a bow to the alcohol. Bitterness and dryness lingers on the tongue, with the help of the spices (cinnamon again is found). Smells quite nicely, but lacking a bit of this in the mouth. Does get smoother with time. Thankfully.

Rating: 3.4/5