Veuve Ambal

imageLCBO#: 209619
Price: $19.95
Made in: Burgundy, France
By: Veuve Ambal

This French Sparkling from the Burgundy region is quite something. Starts off with a sour nose, but gets balanced with time. Lots of apples over the grapes. Some nice fruity sweetness. The mouthfeel is a very nice dryness and the mild yeast lingers in the end. The flavours are also full of apples and grapes. Eventually, some sugar notes come out of the aromas. Beautiful classy label which represents very well this great affordable bubbly.

Rating: 4.1/5

Black Cellar Blend 4 Merlot

LCBO#: 387167
Price: $10.95
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Roundpetal Wines

This Merlot is composed of 4 different blends. The label is pretty and classy for an inexpensive wine. Decent aromas of cherries and other berries at first pour. Mild vanilla notes, and eventually, hints of tobacco and leather comes out. Not much tannins, but still a nice mouthfeel with the balanced dryness. Black cherry taste with some softer red grape juices. Some yeast stays on the tongue with time, and that is the worst of this blend. Other than that, not bad as a table red wine.


Oyster Bay Sparkling Cuvée Rosé

imageLCBO#: 280172
Price: $21.95
Made in: Marlborough, New Zealand
By: Oyster Bay Wines

This Sparkling Rosé from New Zealand has a very light pink colour. Lots of yeasty aromas at first with mild berries. The taste is similar with the light raspberry and strawberry notes. Yeast lingers in the aftertaste. Not too sweet and a good dryness in the mouthfeel. The yeast eventually disappears in the nose, and sugar and vanilla appear. A good dry sparkling with the hints of berry sweetness.

Rating: 4.1/5

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita Prosecco

imageLCBO#: 385906
Price: $15.25
Made in: Veneto, Italy
By: Riolite Vini S.R.L.

Wow ! This Italian sparkling is quite the treat !! The yeast is not as strong as most bubbly, so well-hidden. This shows the fruits better. Beautiful aromas of pears over apples, giving some nice sweetness from the grapes. The taste starts off sweet, but not syrupy, and because of the dryness, the mouthfeel is great. Notes of sourness. Hints of vanilla a little everywhere. Superbowl Sunday… hence the football caps in the pic (ok, wrong team, but someday). This is a fantastic bubbly that is totally awesome for the price. Would have this any time.

Rating: 4.2/5