Mike Wear The Underdog White Wine VQA

imageLCBO#: 248476
Price: $13.95
Made in: Beamsville, Ontario, Canada
By: Mike Weir Wine

This blended white wine from Canada’s golf player Mike Weir gives out aromas of white grapes, light alcohol and hints of pears. The taste is much more milder, as in watery. Gets better as it warms up, so if you like warmer white wines, you might like this, as nothing is really offensive. Decent fruity sweetness, alcohol, dryness and sourness. All light, but there. Very nice label and an average light blended white wine. Just hard to pay full price for it.

Rating: 3.6/5

Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

imageLCBO#: 111526
Price: $11.95
Made in: Paarl, South Africa
By: Nederburg Wines

Debating between two inexpensive reds tonight (this one and the Radio Boka) found at the LCBO, and on special. Which one to buy more of to have on hand for the next year. This one being a Cabernet Sauvignon starts off with some tobacco scents and hints of leather over the red grapes. After breathing, this calms down and plums come out. This is the same for the taste. Decent sweetness with a little dryness in the finish. Both wines we will get more for the price, but this one is a notch up in ways of better wines. Will get even more of this one.

Rating: 3.8/5

Cono Sur Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé

imageLCBO#: 365205
Price: $13.90
Made in: Pirque, Chile
By: Vina Tocornal

This Chilean Sparkling Rose is made 100% of Pinot Noir. It does not seem to have much carbonation, from the cap popping to the bigger bubbles in the wine. Mild berry aromas with some sourness and sweetness, but yes, mild overall. The taste starts off sweet with honey notes and some light sourness and dryness. The yeast is pretty well hidden, maybe affecting the carbonation, but some is felt when gases are released. Again, like most Cono Sur products, inexpensive and quite easy to drink. Nothing fancy, but nothing bad for the price.

Rating: 3.2/5

Beringer White Merlot 2013

imageTotal Wine #: 92377750
Price: $4.49 (US)
Made in: California, USA
By: Beringer Vineyards

Celebrating Christmas with this one the was brought back from the States. Mild berry scent with light sweetness and hints of sourness. The taste is a little stronger. Strawberry notes with very light dryness/bitterness in the finish. Pretty nice easy rose to have among friends.

Rating: N/A

Pelee Island Monarch Red VQA

imageLCBO#: 107763
Price: $10.45
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Pelee Island Vineyard Inc.

This Ontarian red wine is composed of 38% Baco Noir, 31% Lemberger and 31% Zweigelt. Sweet aromas with hints of leather and tobacco, but only after breathing a lot. The taste though, is all sweetness. Almost more juice than wine. No tannins, no dryness… just wet and sweet. Was not really good with food, almost seems better alone. We can almost feel a little dryness. A little tobacco. Nice new label, not really good wine. Unless you like juicy sweetness of the grapes.

Rating: 2.2/5

Radio Boka Tempranillo

imageLCBO#: 376145
Price: $10.95
Made in: Valencia, Spain
By: Hammeken Cellars S.L.
Year: 2013

This Spanish red wine has sweet fruity grape aromas, but with time, lots of caramel comes out. Does has a nice balanced when glass is swirled. The taste is sweet, but not overpowering. A little dryness, but not much tannins. Mild nutty yeast lingers. Quite an easy-drinking red wine that is mostly wet at first, with nothing overpowering. Good for the price and worth stocking up a few of these bottles for drinking while talking times.

Rating: 3.4/5