Fiol Prosecco

imageLCBO#: 394577
Price: $15.60
Made in: Veneto, Italy

This Italian Sparkling delivers aromas of pear at first with hints of sugar in the yeast, but with time, the citrus sourness comes out. Notes of apples and grapes. Sour taste, that starts off mild but gets stronger as it breathes. Slightly dry mouthfeel with just a tad of yeast lingering. An easy-drinking bubbly that is decent for the price, but nothing exceptional. Still, one to buy for group session or a good house party.

Rating: 3.6/5


Tenuta S. Anna Prosecco Extra Dry

imageLCBO#: 388710
Price: $17.10
Made in: Veneto, Italy
By: Genagricola S.P.A.

This Sparkling from Italy gives out a big sweet smell at first, but disappears after breathing, releasing some mild sourness, dryness and light sweetness from the grapes. The nose is quite well-balanced at that point. The taste unfortunately is not. Pretty mild tasting with the same as aromas but more apples than grapes. The sweetness does get stronger with time. Roasted and toasted notes in the finish. Light nutty yeast lingers. Alright, but not worth the price.

Rating: 3.7/5