Villa Conchi Cava

imageLCBO#: 386979
Price: $15.95
Made in: Spain
By: Araex Rioja Alavesa S.L.

This Spanish Sparkling is composed of 10% Chardonnay, 30% Macabeo, 30% Xarel and 30% Parellada. Yeast nose with citrus notes. The taste starts off with sourness, but cuts short showing a little sweetness from the fruit. Not much lingers, but gets better with every sip. Eventual yeast shows up in the aftertaste. Then, later hints of apples. Decent dryness in the mouthfeel. A pretty good Sparkling that I would not shy away from bringing this to a friend’s supper.

Rating: 3.7/5

Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Champagne

imageLCBO#: 509695
Price: $68.70
Made in: France
By: Moet & Chandon S.A.

We do not usually do expensive, true Champagne, but today we are celebrating our 5th year anniversary together. The white head of this one seems creamier than most and has better retention. Yeasty aromas giving hints of nuts and notes of apples and white grapes. Was expecting a dry mouthfeel, but no. The taste is on the sweet fruity side (called nectar, go figure). Peach, mild tropical fruit, apples and light yeast in the finish. So, if someone likes a sweet-fruity Champagne, this is quite a good one. For us, we have had good fruity Sparkling recently that were a quarter of the price, just a tad quality under this one.

Rating: 4/5

Root: 1 Carmenere

imageLCBO#: 350546
Price: $12.80
Made in: Colchagua Valley, Chile
By: Vina Ventisquero LTDA.

First off, beautiful presentation with a green bottle, and the label painted over it. To top everything, a scarf-tag around the neck. Now, can this inexpensive red wine hold up for the rest. The nose definitely does, with a powerful aroma of black cherries and peppery spices. The taste was a letdown at first sip, until I had something to eat, and then the flavours really came out. Not too much tannins, not too dry, but well-balanced for these two characteristics. Red berries with mild sweetness and smokiness. Hints of vanilla blending things together. Quite good for the price, so a great one to buy to bring at a friend’s supper.

Rating: 3.7/5

Vila Regia Douro 2012

imageLCBO#: 464388
Price: $8.00
Made in: Douro, Portugal
By: Sogrape

This Portuguese inexpensive red wine starts off with a nice presentation with its beautiful classy label. The aromas are not too bad with lots of sweetness, some alcohol but hints of burnt wood and leather. The taste starts off sweet at first, but gets watery. Even worst with food. With lots of breathing though, it does get better on its own. Some dryness, some tannins. A little yeast lingers giving notes of nuts. Nothing really bad for the price, so alright if you need to buy a case for a gathering but have a limited budget. Just let it breath a long, long time.

Rating: 3.2/5

Hinterland Whitecap 2013

imageFrom Hinterland Wine Company
Price: $22.00
Made in: Hillier, Ontario
By: Hinterland Wine Company

Thanks to my friend Chris for this one. This Ontarian Sparkling has a longer lasting creamy-bubbly head than most. It has a very sweet nose with loads of apples and notes of oranges. The taste is not as sweet, but more on the sour side with lots of citrus. The oranges are still present with hints of honey and pears, but again, not too sweet, definitely not syrupy. This sparkling has bite, which is quite nice and is different from most Sparkling wines. The mouthfeel being on the wet side helps out with all the fruit to have a nice finish.

Rating: 3.8/5