Pfaffenheim Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé

20140216-161606.jpgLCBO#: 352203
Price: $17.95
Made in: Alsace, France
By: Cave Vinicole De Pfaffenheim

This Crémant d’Alsace has a nicely balanced nose of the yeast with the fruity hint of strawberries and very light cherries, creating some sourness. A decent dry mouthfeel with a little tart from the yeast. The taste is mild but filled with all found in the aromas and a touch of alcohol. A little yeast lingers afterward. It is easy access, but the yeast is just a tad too much over the light fruit. If this is your thing, go right ahead.

Note: notice in the picture the silver medal just won by Canada in snowboard cross. Congrats Dominique Maltais. This sparkling had also won silver (showing on label).

Rating: 2.8/5

Krone Vintage Rosé Cuvée Brut

20140209-161723.jpgLCBO#: 130047
Price: $22.95
Made in: Tulbagh, South Africa
By: House of Krone

This South African bubbly Rosé has a creamy head. You can smell the strawberries and when you approach it, the yeast. Eventually, hints of cherry come out. The sourness in the taste helps this. Berries and yeast balance everything. Overall, nothing offensive but a little mild and a little too sour, over the berry flavours. If you like the sourness, you will love this one.

Rating: 3.3/5