Silver Lake Premium Vodka

20130224-154735.jpgLCBO#: 275263
Price: $30.95
Made in: Simcoe, ON, Canada
By: Dover Enterprises
40% ABV. (80 proof)

This premium vodka from Canada is quadruple distilled and made of rice. Never heard of this distillery from Simcoe, Ontario, but it has been running since 2004 and started out doing sake, so they know how to turn rice into alcohol. Typical vodka smell of rubbing alcohol, but milder and does not burn the nose. Hints of anise is also found. The liquid warms up as it goes down, but again, no burning. The taste is pretty grassy and herbal with some mild alcohol and spiciness. The aftertaste lingers quite nicely. This is a very nice vodka that is smooth, and highly recommended for Vodkatini (with nothing but a few olives). Up there with the Stolichnaya.


One Response to Silver Lake Premium Vodka

  1. Justkeep Growin says:

    This vodka is much better than stolichnaya. Best neat or with a splash of soda, this vodka is almost too good for any olive.
    Many vodkas are best ice cold but this gem delivers best fragrance and feel right off the shelf.

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