Vice Vodka Icewine Martini

LCBO#: 158212
Price: $34.95
Made in: Vineland, Ontario
By: Vineland Estates Winery

After visiting the Niagara region, we had tried getting these vodka Icewine martinis, but had no success. We therefor found this pre made version at the LCBO. This desertini is a great Canadian alcoholic delight. Pours a nice clean light golden colour. Aromas of sweet white grapes. It feels like this will be as sweet and syrupy as icewine alone. Nope. Very well-blended to retain the icewine taste, but not too thick to make this easy to drink. The vodka is not present at first, but it does show up after a while. Being five times distilled, it is quite smooth. A very nice desert martini which I would serve to anyone to show a nice side of Canada.

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